Donald Trump refuses to testify in tax evasion investigation

Donald Trump refuses to answer questions from the New York Attorney General’s office. He wrote this in a statement after a home was searched at his Mar-a-lago resort in Florida.

On Monday evening, the FBI raided Donald Trump’s resort in Mar-a-Lago, Florida, with a search warrant. This search was part of an investigation into classified documents that Trump was to take from the White House after his presidency. And with this he will do – if proven – Presidential Records Act violated. He risks a large fine and even imprisonment. Trump described the search as a “witch hunt.”

Fifth Amendment

It is not known if the inspection had anything to do with it, but in another ongoing investigation against the former president, a notable turn came. Donald Trump has invoked the Fifth Amendment to not answer questions from the New York attorney general’s office. in Advertising He says that due to the raid on the resort where he is partly staying, he has lost all faith in the American legal system.

The New York State Department is investigating possible tax evasion, in which Trump and his company allegedly manipulated the value of real estate — golf clubs, hotels and the like — to reduce taxes. Earlier this year, attorney Letitia James said he was convinced Trump’s business practices were “misleading and fraudulent.”

Civil and criminal investigation

Her office could be Ivanka and Donald Trump Jr. He has already talked about potential fraud and hopes to test Trump today, but refuses to do so. Instead, attorney James attacks. He claimed in his statement that the lawyer, who is a Democrat, has been carrying out personal vendettas against the former president for years. His team also released videos today, in which James’s credibility has been lost.

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New York times It is suspected that the talkative Trump is silent for another reason. A criminal investigation into the same incidents is underway in Manhattan. The attorney general in that case had already said he was very curious about Trump’s answers in the civil case. Trump may want to avoid saying anything that could be used against him later in this investigation.

Trump also admits that he previously had little understanding of the Fifth Amendment. “If you’re innocent, why invoke the Fifth Amendment,” he shouted at rallies. But now he says he knows the answer to that question. “I have no other choice,” he says, referring to the “witch hunt” of which he believes he is the victim.

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