Donald Trump wanted to replace the attorney general to elect …

Donald Trump is alleged to have considered firing Attorney General Jeffrey Rosen and replacing him with a lawyer, which would nullify the election results in Georgia. This was reported by various US media outlets, including The New York Times and The Washington Post.

The plan will come from the hat of Geoffrey Clark, the attorney who supported Trump in his quest to expose widespread fraud in the US presidential election. Clark had suggested that he replace the attorney general and thus cancel the elections in Georgia. The only reason Trump pulled out of the plan is because all of the department’s employees would have announced that they would quit if that happened.

Trump lost the Georgia election by a narrow margin to Biden. Earlier there was a leaked recording in which Trump pressured the Georgia foreign minister to amend the election result and “find” the correct number of votes.

In the meantime, it also became clear that Trump’s second impeachment trial would not be delayed for long: It should begin in the week of February 8. To oust Trump, or in this case, to prevent him from re-taking office, 67 senators must vote for him. This means that 17 Republicans need to be convinced.

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