Don't make these mistakes when washing desert sand from your car

Feel free to rinse your car, but to be on the safe side, wait a little longer before washing your car thoroughly. The last bit of Sahara sand is still in the air today, but tomorrow it should be safe to wash the car. Since it will likely remain dry, there is a chance that nothing else will fall out, but to avoid a “just look” situation, it is best to wait a while.

The English word for sandpaper is Sandy. This says enough about the danger of the Sahara desert sands; If you're not careful, sand acts as an abrasive and can cause small scratches in the paint. Fortunately, washing your car isn't rocket science. “Use common sense” is the quick guide, and below you'll find some tips on what not to do.

Do not work with a dry cloth

Since nowadays in the United States they have to say on food packages that the package itself is inedible, and because we fear that this stupidity will spread to the Netherlands, we will mention this again. Do not use a dry cloth to remove sand from the car. Even if it is a microfiber cloth. You may not see the scratches right away, but just wait until the sun hits the paint again.

Use plenty of water, but do not scrub the area without soap and water

The first step in cleaning a car is always to wash it well with a hose. This way you can remove most of the sand from the paint. Any grains that are not present in the car cannot cause scratches. Be careful not to damage vulnerable parts (such as window seals) by using a high-pressure sprayer.

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Don't take one small bucket

You want to remove sand from the car. But if you use a small bucket when washing, it won't be long before the water gets dirty and brings desert sand back into the car. When cleaning the car, always use two large buckets. If you want to do it just right, you can put a “gravel guard” at the bottom of the bucket.

Regular dishwashing liquid is also not a good idea

You don't always need expensive cleaning products. In your home, you can also use cheap bleach or vinegar instead of an expensive mold cleaner. In the case of your paint, we recommend that you do not use any soapy water. Car shampoo also acts as a kind of lubricant, ensuring that dirt still on the paint is less likely to scratch. Therefore, you run the risk of scratches with dishwashing liquid.

Do not use a regular sponge

Also, do not use old flip-flops Photo: © Clarence Teoh

If you've already emptied the detergent bucket, dispose of the kitchen sponge as well. Or put it back in the kitchen, where it belongs. It is best to use items that have been developed specifically for automotive paint, such as a car wash mitt. The same applies here: otherwise you will get scratches from desert sand on the paint.

BMW M4 with ice on the windows (frost and scratches)BMW M4 with ice on the windows (frost and scratches)

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