Double disgrace for the German Navy after the incident in which the frigate incorrectly fired on an American drone, but this also goes completely wrong | outside

On Monday evening, according to sources in the German army, a drama unfolded surrounding the frigate “Hessen”, which is currently carrying out a dangerous mission in the Red Sea. According to the German newspaper “Bild”, the incident symbolizes the poor state of the German army.

The drone that flew over was an American MQ-9 Reaper (20-metre wingspan, cost €30 million), which the German warship’s radar systems incorrectly deemed hostile.

Fortunately for the Americans, the two German SM2 interceptor missiles failed to reach their target for technical reasons and crashed into the sea without further ado.

German Defense Ministry spokesman Michael Stimpfel confirmed on Wednesday that the drone could not initially be allocated to any of the allied countries. The Hess ship then reportedly tried to shoot down the drone, but it “did not succeed.”

Only later did it emerge that it was an unreported drone. It is known that there are also American combat drones flying in the region, unrelated to the Red Sea operation.

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