Driving without air conditioning can be fined in this European country

Admit it, your first thought is ‘how are they going to check that’? But if you sweat the carrots behind the wheel, you betray yourself very quickly. Because in the United Kingdom you can get fined for driving without air conditioning on a hot day. Websites like this one report this Express And the sun The fine can be up to 5,000 pounds, which is almost 6,000 euros.

This is described in Rule 237 of the Highway Code, which you can find in the English version of the Road Traffic Act. By law, cars must be ‘well ventilated’ on hot days to avoid sleeping. So you have to be sharp behind the wheel, which is tough in a closed car with no air conditioning when it’s 30+ degrees outside.

So if you turn off the air conditioning, you have to open the windows. We doubt that driving without air conditioning will be penalized so quickly. Every car has blowers that pump outside air in when the air conditioning is turned off. We dare to argue that this too is considered ‘airflow’. But equivalent to English telegram It says…

Even without the law…

Either way, it’s best to make sure you don’t get dehydrated or get heatstroke in the car. Even if it’s not a legal requirement in the UK to have the air conditioning running, it’s a great idea to have some heat management in the cabin. Hopefully most motorists have enough common sense to figure this out for themselves.

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