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At Muksasim we celebrate art, especially art students. They talk about their creative career and sources of inspiration. Music student Moynie Peters shows us his world of rhythms and grooves.

Moynie Peters

In Lemmensberg we meet Moene Peeters (22), drummer student on our third BA. Nowhere is he more at ease than here at the Lemmens Institute. In the comfort of his cafeteria or his training room, it doesn’t matter where.

I’m actually more here than home. I can comfortably sit there from early morning till late at night. Although that wasn’t the case from the start: ‘I’ve had low self-confidence for a long time. My hands and sticks were shaking from the pressure of the entrance exam.

Expressive exhaust valve

Moini was introduced to the drums at an early age: at the age of seven, the energetic boy takes some experimental drum lessons. While initially a primary outlet for his ADHD, he soon develops a growing passion for his drum kit. “At first I basically wanted to direct it, but slowly I really wanted to be able to do it better and immersed myself in it.”

Today it has become a unique way of expressing oneself: “Drumming is a way to share something, but through sounds rather than words.” He even puts it this way: “If I don’t drum, I don’t feel good.”

“I have doubts about the importance of talent: you have to work hard.”

Moynie Peters

What made him stick with his drum kit was the energy he could put into it. “I’m an energetic, somewhat hyperactive person,” he says. “Drumming is quite physical, but at the same time it’s not. You also have to be able to relate it to your soul. To me, drumming is a kind of dance. To move on.” on Rhythm, in Rhythm, to Cadence f the next Rhythm.’

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From Leuven to London

However, the transition to an apprenticeship at the Lemmens Institute was not straightforward. He had only taken one year of solfege and had learned his first swing patterns just months before the entrance exam. Still, Moyene had no doubts that he should follow his passion: “I haven’t really seen anything else. This was my dream, and I wanted to fully realize it. I am very happy to be given this opportunity.

He is still working steadily on that dream today: “Since I have the opportunity to study here, I try to make full use of it. I have doubts about the importance of the talent factor: you have to work hard. Until then, Mweni modestly dares to dream of a future after his studies.” “My goal is to make a living drumming and traveling around the world with my drum kit.”

This is how the young percussionist sees himself fully anchored in the UK, whose vibrant jazz scene he lauds: ‘I love the English.’ Scenewith types such as broken win (a genre in electronic music, characterized by syncopated rhythms, ed.). and jazz. It seemed the perfect environment for him to develop his own style of drumming based on musical examples such as Darrow Jones, the famous jazz drummer, who is now active with Jack White: ‘I like it when drummers like him dare to use his honest drumming style. and sound.

four in a row

We ask the student to celebrate: Nothing scary, don’t worry. Instead of a tip, we ask about a work of art that has influenced an individual’s creative career. These four musical acts inspired Moynie Peters.

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The first job that gave you a fascination with your field:

“As a kid I really liked movies. The music from the cartoons I watched at that time was also my first contact with jazz, unconsciously. One of the songs of that was Everyone wants to be a cat from the movie aristocrats. It’s actually a real swing song, with a drum solo that I was dancing to in front of the TV at the time.

A job you are really looking for:

Four piece suite sublime love by John Coltrane, especially of him Part III buying. The full album lasts about forty minutes and has four parts: recognitionAnd AccuracyAnd buying And psalm. I really can’t describe it, what these guys did is unbelievable.

Every time I listen to it – certainly every week – I get goosebumps all the way through. Together, these four musicians have the most pure, lively, and honest relationship. All of them are of an exceptionally high musical standard. They are real out of this world. sublime love He has a certain spirituality and energy that I find difficult to put into words.

Work that inspires you today:

In fact, I only heard the last piece of music that inspired me yesterday. Then the LUCA Philharmonic played a song Eighth Symphony by Antonin Dvorak. This piece radiates a certain energy to me, although it’s a very different John Coltrane way. He is strong, but at the same time very sensitive. I’m also a big fan of strings in a symphony orchestra. Love her“.

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Work that will introduce the average person to your field:

Can I set my veto? (He laughs) Of course it depends on what you want to learn, but I would still like a new drummer anyway Billy Jean From Michael Jackson. It’s a very simple beat, yet very powerful. The feeling that permeates it is of an exceptional level.

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