“Dune” gets the green light for the second part

Director Denis Villeneuve can rest assured. He can love you compliment Dune. Film studio Legendary Entertainment and distributor Warner wanted to wait for the first film’s returns before giving the green light for a sequel.

“It would be very strange if the second part didn’t come,” director Denis Villeneuve said upon his release. Dune for this newspaper. The studio refused to put the entire Frank Herbert book into one movie, but filming both parts at the same time would be too expensive. As a precaution, I put all my dreams and desires into this movie. “If it didn’t stop there, I’m sure I’d be sad, but I wouldn’t crash,” Villeneuve said.

The Canadian director can breathe a sigh of relief. His film was enough success at the box office to allow for a second installment. On the American Opening Weekend, Dune Good for $40 million. In the rest of the world, the film is said to have grossed over $110 million.

exclusively for cinema

However, a simultaneous release in the US on the HBO Max streaming platform, however, hung like a shadow over the planetary desert saga. Warner Inc., which distributes and partially finances the film, made the decision because it feared a limited showing in cinemas due to the coronavirus. Director of Villeneuve and DuneStudio Legendary Entertainment has made it clear that they are not satisfied with it. Even Christopher Nolan, Villeneuve’s colleague, cut ties with Warner for similar reasons. The movie giant now appears to be dragging its tail: a sequel to Dune Coming exclusively to cinemas again, I know diverse.

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Dune: Part 2 It is expected to hit theaters in October 2023. Thus completed the first book and Villeneuve’s dream. Although he could still count on five books in a row. What’s for sure anyway: movie star Zendaya will appear in Part Two for longer than the meager seven minutes of Part 1. Her character Chaney also requires a bigger role in the book than just the second half.

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