Dutch man wants to shoot a pigeon, but he hits his neighbor in the neck Abroad

A 33-year-old man from Boeckel, Netherlands, accidentally shot his neighbor in the neck two years ago. He announced to the judge today that he wants to hit a pigeon. That reports Omroep Brabant.

The neighbor was working in her garden when she suddenly felt a sore throat. She thought for a moment that a bird had clicked, but quickly realized there was more to it.

A doctor discovered a bullet in her neck, near her esophagus. That bullet is still there after two years. It is very dangerous to have an operation for a woman. The victim is still in pain, and her voice is hoarse.

After investigation it was found that the bullet came from a neighbor’s air rifle. Meanwhile, he made several contradictory statements, but today he claimed that he wanted to shoot a pigeon from his window. The man was said to have stood on his bed and wavered when he tried to shoot.

The prosecution described this interpretation as “unlikely,” although intent could not be proven. A community service of 200 hours and a full compensation of 5,000 euros were claimed. Judgment within two weeks.

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