EA responds to beta feedback and reveals the last five specialists

Battlefield 2042 has an interesting open beta. Fans were happy to launch the new game in the popular franchise, but the beta version also caused some controversy. Fans were mainly divided over the introduction of specialists into the game.

in a Long new blog post The team behind Battlefield 2042 told more about the beta and the specialists. For example, developers do not believe that specialists stand in the way of teamwork. It is also indicated that an older version of the beta version was used because it is running stable. You can also read about the changes that will be made as a result of the open beta.

In response to the criticism of the specialists, EA said that the teamwork has been held up by features that are not yet implemented. Think of the ping system. “First of all, we are aware that there are still a lot of improvements to be made to the user interface. It should be easier to distinguish between enemies and friends, and there should be ping and in-game communication. These features were not yet available, Let’s talk today about the modifications we’re making to the whole game.”

EA continued: “Second, players haven’t been able to get hands-on with all 10 specialists yet. As we reveal them, we’re curious to hear what you guys think.”

The criticism surrounding the specialists was mainly due to the many characters who looked alike. One Redditor commented that it sounded crazy when “McKay stabs McKay while McKay watches on the other sideOthers said that Specialists are better suited to shooters that aren’t Battlefield-sized, such as Rainbow Six Siege.

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EA has no plans to change specialists or gear, but it does plan to change the configuration in the new danger zone mode.

The last five specialists revealed

In addition to these comments, EA has revealed the final five characters in a new trailer. here they are:

  • Navin Rao, Indian exploration and hacker specialist.
  • Santiago Espinosa, Mexican attack specialist with a very large shield.
  • Ji Soo-baek, South Korean scout and observer.
  • Constantine Angell, Roman paramedic.
  • Emma Rozier, French explosives expert.

The rest of the blog post goes into detail on how bots, UI, and performance can be improved or addressed.

Battlefield 2042 will be available as early as November 12 and officially released on November 19.

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