Edit your photos in an original way with Glitch Lab

over there Instagram You can find all kinds of funny filters, but sometimes you want more than one particular filter. For example, Light Leak is great or a mixed signal, but sometimes that effect isn’t quite in the right place. When it comes to a picture, you’d better go for Glitch Lab, an app that makes it easy for you to give your photos a distorted effect that perfectly suits your taste.

Really free to use

photo editing apps They are often free to download, but turn out to be quite a bit for free once you open the app. Glitch lab doesn’t do that. There are very few filters that are only for professional users, which allows you to get a lot from this app as a free user.

What can Glitch Lab do?

Glitch Lab does exactly what the name says: it experiments with adding a “glitch” to your image. In short, you’re giving your photos a very artistic edge, or a faded, party-like effect. The idea is that there is some kind of old TV layer over your image, which you can then manipulate by dragging and pinching. Example:

Your own style on social media

With so many different filters on social media, it can sometimes be difficult to create a cohesive unit and differentiate yourself. An app like Glitch Lab can help you with this: once you’ve found an effect you like, you can choose to always apply it – to a greater or lesser degree – to your photos. For example, the prism effect is pretty cool: it gives a JJ Abrams-like lens a glow without being annoying. At the very least, you can still make it very annoying to yourself by dragging the effect differently on your photo.

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A big advantage of this app is that you can install and use it right away. No account required, it’s just a very simple way to edit your photos. This allows you to try the app for a while, and if you don’t like it, remove it with the press of a button. You will probably have some fun experiments, because you can add all kinds of effects, colors and even elements to your photo. For example, you can display an old manual camera date or a blue template. Text is not an option, but of course you can still bypass it on social media.

App of the week: Edit your photos in an original way with Glitch Lab

Download Glitch Lab

The Glitch Lab app can be downloaded for free, but a Pro account costs €8.49 once for 63 additional effects.

Get the Glitch Lab app on Google Play here

malfunction lab

malfunction lab

Glitch Lab is an app that makes it very easy to give your photos an original, distorted effect as desired. ..

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