Elegantly dressed young people turn cinema upside down following the latest fashion trends

Wearing a suit for the latest Minion movie: It’s a trend on Tiktok that came to the Netherlands from the US and the UK. Today, dozens of “gentlemen” were seen at a movie theater in Harlem, preparing for a wild afternoon. “It’s nice to scream like that.”

Going to the movies in a suit – NH News

The new animated film is part of the Despicable Me franchise. Recently, a new movie was released about Minions, the yellow creatures in the movie. It’s the second part of the Minions and there’s been a buzz: they wear suits and go to the movie with a lot of hype.

β€œI don’t really know why, it’s just great fun,” says a young visitor. There is no clear reason behind wearing a suit. ““It’s funny that we’re actually too old for this movie and that we look so seriously dressed,” says another.

The reason for dressing elegantly comes from an acquaintance Mimi On Twitter and TikTok, where people go to watch movies that don’t seem to suit them. Many “very old” kids go to the Minions movie and emphasize their age by dressing up.

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More and more cinemas in the UK no longer allow young people to wear suits to watch Minions, because although… Visitors are elegantly dressed and cause a lot of disturbance. It turns out it’s part of the mysterious screaming phenomenon during the movie.

It is a joke among young people that people scream and clap loudly while watching: the Minions do that too. Bananas is released in British cinemas, after all the Minions eat a lot of bananas.

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“Shouting ‘King Bob’ really loudly, that’s a quote from the first Minions movie,” a young boy explains. Visitors to Harlem also make a special hand gesture, like the character Gru plays in the movie.

‘Best film of the year’

Cinema chain PathΓ© has announced that visitors wearing suits can be kicked out of the cinema if they make too much noise. So some choose their money and leave their allowances at home.

My suit was already ready, but it was still too big a risk. If you get fired, you will miss one of the best films of the year, and of course you don’t want that,” concludes a fan of the film.

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