Elizabeth appears in Camila’s installation

Queen Elizabeth II appeared at the ceremonies on Monday to establish Camila as a member of the United Kingdom’s highest Nighthood, the Most Noble Order of the Carter. The Queen, who has been battling ill health in recent months, came to service with a walking stick at St. George’s Church in Windsor.

Elizabeth was photographed smiling at her side with her son Prince Charles and Camilla. They both wore traditional dresses and plums berets. The queen left her formal attire on the shelf and appeared in a silver dress.

The queen did not go from the castle to the church for many years with the traditional procession of knights, and this time avoided the chariot ride as well. King Willem-Alexander joined the procession three years ago and was accepted as the ‘Stranger Knight’ in the Order of the Carter.

However, the Queen’s presence is not spoken of in Britain. It was mainly about Prince Andrew, who initially wanted to attend the ceremonies. According to the British media, many members of the family disagreed.

According to the Daily Mail, Prince William would have threatened to leave the ceremony if Andrew showed up.

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