Elizabeth Hurley wears a tight, see-through top in her Insta photos

Elizabeth Hurley was seen in the essential films of the 1990s and 2000s. However, she is taking it a lot easier now. Since 2004, she has appeared in only two films. Despite the fact that Hurley has less of a presence in Hollywood, she makes sure we don’t forget her!

British actress Basingstoke made her film debut the song From 1987 he quickly made his way to the top. After that, she was seen again in Remando Al Viento Together with Hugh Grant.

The two soon got into a relationship and were together for years, but in 2000 this ended. It didn’t really help that Grant got caught with a prostitute earlier…

Hurley’s first real big Hollywood movie was released in 1992, specifically passenger 57, action movie with Wesley Snipes, among others. In the same period, she also managed to break through the model of, among other things, the well-known cosmetic brand Estée Lauder. Suffixes like Ed TVthe first two Austin Powersmovies and of course Surprised

Hurley is now 56 years old, but she still looks great. She knows this herself, because she loves to share sexy shots of herself on her Instagram page, which is often scantily clad. Now it is hit again.

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Hello from Vivamayr!Elizabeth Hurley, from the spa where she often stays and now sits down again, writes. Her Instagram page shows the actress isn’t wearing much. She wears skin-tight leggings and a tight, see-through shirt. So it’s clear what the focus is…

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Do you also want to see what 56-year-old British Elizabeth Hurley looks like? Show pictures then now On her Instagram!

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