Elon Musk wants to send humans to Mars within five years

how? This is shown in a new animated video. Elon Musk has now given his fans an idea of ​​how he plans to land humans on Mars in five to 10 years. This impressive animated video was shared on SpaceX’s official YouTube channel.

The next Martians will be brought to the desert planet by Musk’s billion-dollar Starship. If it is ok sand dunes 2 It’s out this year, so we can actually study this movie, until we’re ready for life on Mars. Who knows, there are also giant sandworms?

Elon Musk and his fascination with Mars

Elon Musk and Mars. It’s a better love story than Twilight. The tech billionaire has been obsessed with Mars for years and has been trying to convince people to fly there for years. Now it appears that real progress will soon be made.

The dramatic clip, with truly stunning animated graphics and an extraordinary soundtrack, features a spaceship on the launch pad. It is preparing to launch into space.

The missile contains 33 Raptor engines capable of generating approximately 7.7 million kilograms of thrust. Nicki Minaj told us that “spaceships were meant to fly” and she seems right about that.

The second part of the five-minute video will probably make some jaws drop. The animation shows Musk’s vision many years into the future of dozens of Starship spacecraft coming and going with launch pads.

We also see the SpaceX Starship landing on Mars, when it becomes clear that the flight we just witnessed is not the first and that there appear to be human settlements on the Red Planet in a giant dome. This means that Musk and his colleagues are betting on the success of SpaceX’s Starship for many years to come.

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Below you can watch the Life on Mars animation video and see Elon Musk.

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