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Do you want to write? Are you good at making visuals Like banners and curated photos or do you love to indulge in social media? Then we have good news: Songfestival.be wants to strengthen the editorial team with new talent. Submit your nomination and you may soon experience the Eurovision Song Contest from Grade One.

And whether 2023 will be a busy year for Eurovision! Flemish initial selection Eurosung The UK should have a unique festival and in the meantime the national qualifiers are running at full speed. To provide the general media as well as the Eurovision Song Contest fans and followers with all the news, we rely on Enthusiastic team of volunteer editors. We want this team now To expand! Join our team and maybe you will interview like Jasper (Photo) Our Eurovision star Jeremy McKissie!

We are looking for these people

  • Online editors to write all kinds of articles and possibly conduct interviews.
  • Designed to make our site and other channels shine visually.
  • Enthusiasts who want to manage social media.
  • Media makers who love photography and editing.
  • The best talent who combine all of the above.

The experience is beautiful but completely Without conditions. You get every chance from us. With the right foundation and motivation you can go a long way. Thanks to your love or interest in him Eurovision Song Contest, Showbiz, Entertainment & Media You are in the right place at Songfestival.be.

Why you should strengthen our team

  • Have a fun and challenging pastime.
  • Face the song contest from the first grade.
  • You get great opportunities and come to unique places. Who knows, even behind the scenes at the Eurovision Song Contest!
  • As a young media maker, you gain experience that looks great on your resume. Songfestival.be works with other well-known media.
  • You can get a new group of friends to go on trips with, see old song festivals, and you can even select our annual quiz questions.
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Good to know: Editors from the Netherlands are also welcome.

This is how you apply it

We want to know what you have. If you want to strengthen our editorial team, Email to [email protected]. introduce yourself. This is possible via a seamless email, a great video message…you choose. To fully convince us, add a sample (short or detailed article) depending on your interests Visible, video editing …). Once everything is done, you will be contacted by the current founders of Songfestival.be – Jonathan, Philip and Jasper. We were happy to answer all your questions. We hope we are excited about you. Don’t hesitate, just do it. See you soon at the editorial meeting?

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