ETA will soon be mandatory for travel to the United Kingdom

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Apart from passport, ETA will soon be mandatory for travel to UK

Until now, Dutch people can travel to the United Kingdom with a valid passport and do not need a visa or other documents as tourists. If this is the responsibility of the British government, this will change this autumn with the introduction of the electronic travel authorization ETA. Initially, travelers from Qatar should apply from autumn. This also applies to travelers from other countries, including the Netherlands.

When and how do you apply for an ETA?

ETA has been introduced and is valid for tourism, business trips, short-term studies and medical treatment. Those who intend to stay for more than three months or who are not allowed for any other reason ETA Apply for a visa.

To get a UK ETA you will need the following:

  • A digital copy of the biometric Dutch passport;
  • An active email address to which all information relating to the ETA UK application will be sent.
  • Have a credit or debit card with sufficient funds to cover processing costs.
  • At the British border, travel permission is verified when the Dutch passport is scanned.

Please note: Dutch children traveling from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom also require an approved ETA.

What do you fill in the online application form?

You must submit an online application form before traveling to the United Kingdom. The following are requested:

  • Personal data: full name, age, gender, place and date of birth;
  • Contact details: email address and telephone number;
  • Travel details: passport number, date of issue and expiry date;
  • Anyone with a criminal record must state this on the application;
  • All questions must be answered honestly as an error or incorrect information may lead to rejection or delay of the UK ETA.

Dutch citizens can pay an expected processing fee of £20 to ETA UK using a credit or debit card. This is the last step before submitting the application form.
The processing time for obtaining permission to travel to the United Kingdom is up to 3 working days. It is strongly advised to submit your application one week in advance in case of unexpected delay.
Once the request is approved, you will receive a travel authorization via email. Meanwhile it is valid for two years till you apply for a new passport. Apply for a new ETA as it is attached to your passport. ETA UK is similar to other visa waiver programs such as ESTA (USA), ETA-CA (Canada) and Australia ETA visas that you apply for online.

Travel to the United Kingdom

The fastest way to travel from the Netherlands to the United Kingdom is by air. There are daily direct flights from Amsterdam to major UK cities including London, Manchester, Bristol, Belfast and Liverpool in just over an hour. Check out the best flight tickets on Skyscanner here; or kayak plane tickets.
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An ETA is also required at British border controls by boat or train. Ordering train tickets from NS International is easy

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