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Does IT look forward to ethics? Kitty thinks it’s growing more and more: she’s seeing it on LinkedIn and in the papers, especially with the development of artificial intelligence…

Ordina’s solution leaders, Maschinka Poiesz and Kitty van Leeuwen, will talk to Anke this week about ethics in IT: after all, it’s the women who contribute to new IT solutions and that includes thinking about how, what and why. Maschinka: “I help clients develop good solutions for their platform and infrastructure (network, servers, etc.). I also supervise colleagues: what training do you need to do to be able to do the job?”

Despite the importance of information technology, it remains something that people often find difficult to understand. On birthdays, however, Maschinka chooses to set an example for the client she works for, because he speaks a little more. People often know that there is a computer somewhere that is doing something. There are also more people in my family who work with computers, so it’s a little easier.”

Digital City

Maschinka even worked on Digital City, which is now recognized by UNESCO as a World Heritage Site. “The digital city was a website with tiles. Once it was text-only, but a graphic version soon followed. There was a specific component, the digital metro. Then a group of people programmed rooms in which you could perform certain activities. People from Tilburg University, But also from other places in the Netherlands and not from a university, sometimes we got together in real life.Of course, communication at that time was expensive with all surfing the internet, so we always tried to do it in public or public place.Talking to people, learning from each other And programming, it’s very nice.”

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Kitty also gets a trip down memory lane, but from a game of Zork. I wondered if it was a game, but I can’t compare to that. When I mentioned earlier that it was also a text, it reminded me of him. Visit you, a text video game in which you follow a specific path through a world through text. You interact with certain questions.” It’s not in game form, Mashenka says. “There are people making parts of it, but other than that, there was a lot of talking to each other, kind of online community.”

Anke should also consider something similar, a middle way between Digital City and Zork: Decentraland, a kind of online environment you can meet in virtual reality. “Actually, when you create such an environment, you’re busy laying the groundwork, what you accept, and what you don’t agree with each other. This is where morality comes in again. Were you already doing that at the time?” Maschinka says yes. “Sure, people also talk to each other about things. You have a certain arrangement in it, with the officials, and you can be fired. There are always people who don’t look back and that’s very difficult. First you talk to them about it, but that’s also what real society does.”

Tech Girl Podcast

But then, whether there’s also a jail in that city, you can hear that on our TechGirl podcast, which is also about whether developments are moving faster, or whether it just seems like we’re talking about it more now. Maschinka cites virtual reality, for example: which has been in development for a long time. The data needed to produce ChatGPT and what information is still added, these are things that take a lot of time, especially if you really want to get a good knowledge out of it. Mashenka: “I think it will take some time before we think: Oh, Amnesty International. But we must not sit idly by, we must think about how we will deal with it.

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In our podcast, you can hear how these IT professionals think about AI ethics and development, among other things. But also listen to the podcast for advice on an app that can tell you which terrace is currently sunny, tips for cleaning your AirPods Pro, and more.

You can find TechGirl podcast on Spotify and more podcast channels. I listen!

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