European Commission: “Nord Stream 1 gas turbines could go to Russia, and any other claim is wrong” | Abroad

The European Commission strongly denies that EU sanctions are to blame for Russia’s inability to import Nord Stream 1 gas turbines. This pipeline transports Russian gas to Europe and is currently located in Germany.

The gas turbine has been the subject of a political-economic dispute for several weeks. Russian energy group Gazprom cited the absence of this turbine as a reason for reducing gas supplies to Europe via the Nord Stream 1 pipeline. The turbine in question must have returned to Russia after maintenance in Canada, but is currently stored in Mülheim an der Ruhr (in western Germany). ). Gazprom transferred responsibility for this to Siemens Energy.

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz announced earlier that the turbine is deployable and can be delivered to Russia at any time. “There is nothing standing in the way of transportation to Russia,” he said.

Sorry for not supplying gas.

The European Commission is now also saying that the turbine could return to Russia in any case. The EU sanctions regime does not affect goods and services related to the industrial transfer of natural gas to the EU. “Nord Stream 1 is not subject to sanctions,” said Ariana Podesta, a spokeswoman for the European Commission.

Nothing in the sanctions prevents the turbines from going to Russia. Any other claim is simply false. “What Russia is saying is an excuse not to supply the EU with gas,” said European Commission spokesman Eric Mammer.

Gazprom cut supplies through its Nord Stream 1 pipeline to 40% in June. The pipeline was then closed for a few days, after which the gas supply was resumed at 20% of its capacity. It looked official due to maintenance and then due to technical issues.

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