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The partnership between national and international police forces has announced more about tackling the Lockbit Ransomware gang. For example, a decryption tool was developed, dozens of Lockbit servers were disconnected and several suspects were arrested.

On Tuesday morning, police forces revealed the first details of “Operation Kronos”, revealing, among other things, that the Lockbit website had been seized by the UK’s National Crime Agency. Meanwhile, police forces from ten countries are cooperating More details provided About coordinated policing.

For example, more than thirty servers of the ransomware gang were taken offline, among which the cybercrime divisions of the Dutch police in East Brabant and Zeeland-West Brabant pulled thirteen servers from the Internet. Lockbit servers in Germany, Finland, France, Switzerland, the US and the UK have also been shut down.

Furthermore, the Japanese National Police, in cooperation with Europol, the FBI and the National Crime Agency, have developed a decryption tool NoMoreRansom has been published. The tool allows those affected to unlock systems infected with Lockbit Ransomware. According to Europol, the linked site contains 120 decryption tools for 150 different types of ransomware, which, according to the police organization, has already helped six million people. Lockbit is the most widely used and effective ransomware according to various sources.

Two people have been arrested so far. This happened in Poland and Ukraine; The suspects are said to be involved in a ransomware ring. The gang’s former website notes that the FBI also brought several charges against him Subsidiaries Who bought Lockbit as a software service to extract money from victims. Lockbit has made a lot of money through its ransomware-as-a-service model. Police services reported that more than 200 cryptocurrency accounts were seized.

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Police forces stated that Lockbit’s infrastructure was completely destroyed. Both the gang itself and those involved in the ransomware As a service Reductions will be hampered by this. During the operation, much attention was reportedly paid to “leakage channels,” or ways in which criminals were able to earn and embezzle money.

On Friday, services want to reveal more information about the gang’s finances. The identity of the gang leader must also be revealed. So far this person is called Lockbitsupp.

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