Eurovision Song Contest 2022 costumes in pictures

If there’s one TV event that provides enough episodic spectacle, it’s the Eurovision Song Contest. A great effect is often achieved with lots of sparkling, flowing dresses or very bold colors and wolf masks. FashionUnited is some of the best looks.

United kingdom

Tiktok star Sam Ryder took second place during the Eurovision Song Contest. Like the UK with the song “Space Man”. He did so in a black suit, appropriately decorated with crystals representing different space themes.

United kingdom. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP


The entry from Moldova has already participated in the Eurovision Song Contest and never claims to be the winner. The band’s goal is to bring joy not only with the song but with their outfits as well.

Moldova. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP


Chanel Terreiro climbed the podium in favor of Spain. She wore a sparkly outfit very reminiscent of driving clothes, and performed a song that fit Jennifer Lopez. In fact, the song was originally written by Lopez and this representation was designed by famous choreographer Kyle Hanagami.



A surprise debut was the entry of Norway, actor Subwoolfer, who performed the song “Give that wolf a banana”. They did it in a black suit and white shirt, but with a yellow wolf mask. Many suspect that behind the Subwoolfer are two men from Ylvis, who made the popular movie What The Fox Says years ago.

Norway. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP


A welcome change during the Eurovision Song Contest was the Portuguese entry, who performed a modest song. The singer did it in a dilapidated purple and white outfit.

Portugal. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP


The Italian duo who took to the stage on Saturday were dressed in a contrasting outfit. Where one was in a black suit, the other in a suit made entirely in glitter.

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Italia. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP


The Dutch entry S10 was performed in a modest costume made by Viktor & Rolf. Earlier, the S10 and designer duo announced that they would be working together for the Dutch singer’s stage costume. The look was completed with white sneakers.

Holland. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP


Singing about Serbia’s health system, the Serbian entry singer is seen in an outfit reminiscent of a sister’s suit. Not the curvy short sister costume you know from old movies and fancy clothing stores, but a pure white trouser suit.

Serbia. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP


The Australian entry clothing weighed at least 40 kilograms, but the amazing effect was there. Dressed all in white, with a long train and a crystal mask – Australia can count on a spot on the list of the most memorable outfits this year.

Australia. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP


Another nice surprise in the list of groups is Lithuania. Although she also went for glam here, the act brought on a true ’60s vibe with her signature haircut and halter dress.

Lithuania. Photo: Marco Bertorello/AFP


Winner Ukraine (shown in the main photo) is of course not to be missed in this list. The Kaluch Orchestra wore clothes from the Bukovina region during its performance. For example, the leader of the band wore a costume from the 20th century that was used in ceremonies. All items have been specially made for the Eurovision Song Contest.

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