Evenis, health | Warm food guarantees the inhabitants of the house:

Hot food delivery for the elderly and infirm living in the community in Ivins has been canceled multiple times in the past year. This has created uncertainty about the scheme. Evenes AP will remove this uncertainty.

We know that it is very important for many to eat warm food at the door at least five days a week. Torill Helen Larsen, leader of the Evenes AP group, says it’s not appropriate to cancel the arrangement.

The warm delivery is important for good nutrition and appetite and because the recipients also receive daily visitors. Larsen says it’s an important care measure at Ivins.

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Good food is good health

Evins Zorgcentrum’s three-person kitchen produces food for everyone in the city’s nursing home.

Serving hot food to the residents of the house and baking cakes and bread also contributes to the kitchen running more robustly all year round.

Good eating is good health, regardless of age. We know that many elderly people are malnourished. Mayor Terry Bartholsen says this is an important contribution to health and wellness.

lack of security

Hot meal delivery has been suspended for a long time last year. It is unclear whether this arrangement has resulted in fewer people ordering food from the local kitchen than before.

The goal should be that everyone in Evenis who needs it has the opportunity to have a good, warm dinner delivered to their door by the municipality. “We want to make sure the scheme passes, and we have to report more on this so more people are aware of the possibility,” Larsen says.

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