Everwild development “Chaos”

We already knew that the Xbox-exclusive development of Everwild wasn’t entirely flawless. For example, Microsoft itself already announced in October that development is facing some challenges. However, Everwild’s development doesn’t seem to have the slightest difficulty, in fact it’s a mess, reports Jeff Grob, a journalist at VentureBeat in his podcast.

Restarting or stopping development doesn’t seem to be an option yet, but it seems like many of the developers at Rare don’t really know what the plans and the current situation around the game are. Let’s hope Microsoft and Rare can fix the internal issues and release Everwild in the future.

“Everwild is a real mess. They try to talk diplomatically about it when they’re out in public, like ‘People hear things about the creative director leaving and stuff getting rebooted and it’s overrated’ – it’s not an exaggeration. They’ve restarted this thing and they don’t know exactly what It’s his condition… They’re still figuring it out, and it’s a mess.”

“It’s not just me using color descriptions – the people working on that game don’t really know what’s going on with that game. That’s how much chaos there is now.”

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