Exciting election day in the United Kingdom

Today, numerous local and regional elections are held in the United Kingdom. In Scotland and Wales, a new parliament is elected. “The most important question is how well the Conservatives will perform in Labor-owned areas,” says reporter Leah van Beckowan.

According to Van Peckowan, it is unthinkable that Labor will regain the former industrial areas that were to be handed over to the Conservatives in previous elections. Another important question is how nationalists in Scotland and Wales are going to do it. In 2014, the nationalist SNP At the helm, the Scots held a referendum on Scottish independence, which was later won by a very narrow majority of union supporters with the United Kingdom.

But that was before Brexit and before Boris Johnson won the election. Both are very unpopular in Scotland. If the nationalists get an absolute majority, they will want to call another referendum. ‘

Necessary slurs play in the background, but they seem to slide Boris Johnson like a duck. His entourage has been under investigation for financial misconduct by merchants, and there is the most recent scandal involving expensive renovations of Johnson’s home. This makes voters cold.

According to Van Beckowan, there are two reasons for this. First, the vaccine has been successful and the majority of people in the UK are now vaccinated. And: ‘The English knew who he was before they voted for him, they knew he was different, sometimes he lied like it was printed, and he did not take the code of conduct seriously. The voter has calculated it. ‘

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