Exclusion of the “Animals and Transparency” organization from the elections: “Shame”

DierAnimal also cannot participate in elections. “It is a sad day for us,” says party leader Constance Adonis. “We did not get a signature from any retired Dutch-speaking MP. We could not reach 500 signatures. No list succeeded.”

Bugs In the digital system

According to her, there are several things wrong with the way the system is set up. First, it is “almost impossible” to collect enough signatures from the Dutch-speaking side. There were also many Bugs In a digital system where parties submit signatures.

Finally, she complains that the resigned representatives only support parties with conflicting visions in order to fragment the political scene. Think of Diab Abu Jahjah’s “Long Live Palestine,” which was signed by Khadija Zemouri, for which she received a lot of criticism from French-speaking liberals and her party’s leadership.

Voor U's Brussels list can rely on the signature of a Green Party MP in Brussels.

“We will look at what legal steps we can take,” Adonis says.

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