Experience the coronation of King Charles III in the front row at VRT

Thanks to VRT, you will not have to miss a minute of the historic coronation that will be followed all over the world. VRT NWS brings the complete coronation of the British Monarch with context in one additional magazine From 9.30am to balcony scene around 3.30pm on VRT 1, vrtnws.be and VRT MAX. Radio news and vrtnieuws.be are also closely following the coronation ceremony.

hosts Good guardians and property experts Flip fitn And Catherine Vandoorne He guided us through the day explaining the different stages, rituals and details of the “coronation” from the newsroom studio. Naturally, Philip and Catherine are also compared to the coronation of Queen Elizabeth. VRT NWS takes stock of what King Charles has done so far and the challenges he faces in the future.

VRT journalists Evan Oliver And Lauwke Vandendriessche Follow the coronation on the spot in London and report regularly on the British experience of the coronation. Evan Olivier takes his post in Westminster Abbey, and Lauwke takes the city to places where audiences can catch it all on the big screens.

to radio news Virl de Vos Reporting from the British capital.

The day begins with the procession from Buckingham Palace to Westminster Abbey aboard the Diamond Jubilee State Coach, a carriage built to celebrate the 60th anniversary of Elizabeth II.

In Westminster Abbey, the king was anointed by the Archbishop of Canterbury and crowned with St. Edward’s Crown. When leaving the monastery and in the balcony scene after the ceremony, the king wears the imperial crown, which is lighter and easier to wear. Thus, Charles is the fortieth king to be crowned in Westminster Abbey since 1066. Queen Camilla was crowned by Queen Mary.

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The ceremony in Westminster Abbey will be attended by 2,000 guests from the Royal Family, representatives of the Church of England, politicians from the United Kingdom and the Commonwealth, heads of state from around the world, as well as socially privileged citizens. King Philippe and Queen Mathilde will also attend, along with many other crowned and related heads of state.

King Charles is a great lover of music and the monarch has personally commissioned 12 new pieces of music for the celebration.

After the ceremony, the King and Queen will return in procession to Buckingham Palace, this time in the famous Golden State coach.

The much-anticipated balcony scene with the royal family follows at the palace.

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