Experts want to stop indoor sports and are considering reducing the number of spectators outside, the Flemish Sports Federation responds: “Banning should be a last resort”


The group of experts advising the government, GEMS, wants a temporary halt to domestic activities in the fight against the coronavirus. In addition, audience reduction in outdoor competitions is also considered.

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Another advisory panel will convene on Wednesday, and some things have already leaked. For indoor activities where distance and the wearing of mouth masks cannot be guaranteed, GEMS is calling for these types of activities to be canceled for a period of three to four weeks.

For major outdoor sporting events, GEMS wants to recall the Covid Safe Ticket, as well as a mouth mask and distance rule commitment. Since it is difficult to maintain distance at major sporting events, the allowed number of fans may be spoiled.

The Pro League already had a response ready. “CST, mouth mask and outside seem enough for us. Keeping distance seems unnecessary for us. Clear agreements were made early in the season, knowing that a difficult fall is likely to come. We don’t think it is appropriate,” the Pro League said. tighten it.”

Meanwhile, the Flemish Sports Federation has already responded to the leaked advice from GEMS. This shows that Flemish sports clubs want indoor sports to remain possible. “We support additional COVID-19 measures – from Covid Safe Ticket to locker room closures – as long as Fleming can continue to exercise at his favorite club. Banning internal contact sports is a last resort that should be brought to the table.”

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“We have to do everything we can to make indoor sports possible. In addition to the stricter measures that have been in place since 1 November, other alternatives are also possible, such as introducing the Covid Safe Ticket for all (friction) indoor sports. In addition, it certainly can Consider reducing public capacity temporarily at (indoor) sporting events and competitions and/or limiting dressing room use We are great fans of it, but for us sport is key We invite the Advisory Committee to engage in discussions with us to see what is possible and not just choose a remote solution “If people are allowed to go to a café or a restaurant, they should definitely be able to continue exercising,” said Koen Omans, president of the Flemish Sports Federation.

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