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In the western United States will blow in the coming days. Weather models indicate that the temperature could rise above 50 degrees Celsius. Harmful to health but also to the power grid and forest fire fighting.

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06-15-21, 17:51

They sweat not only here, but also on the other side of the ocean. A severe drought swept the western United States for several weeks. In the past 20 years, such extreme weather phenomena were not prevalent there at all. Unfortunately, there is no improvement in sight. Moreover, this week’s heat wave will exacerbate the situation.

At the beginning of this week, temperatures above 40 degrees Celsius have already been measured. It is expected that they will continue to rise. Residents are used to it, but this heat wave is exceptional. In Nevada and Arizona, for example, heat records of 51.6 and 53.3 degrees Celsius can be broken and the minimums are not expected to drop below 30 degrees Celsius at night.

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Heat and drought create a dangerous situation. Extremely high temperatures lead to heat cramps, fatigue, and stroke. Something that only gets worse when the electricity grid becomes overloaded and the water supply dwindles. Then there are the 20 major fires that are currently causing problems in Arizona, California and other parts of the West. So some cooling is more than welcome.

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