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AMSTERDAM (ANP) – Earnings season will begin cautiously in the upcoming stock exchange week. The situation remains relatively calm in Amsterdam with the ASML trade update for the chip machine maker on Wednesday being the main item on the agenda. Bed manufacturer Beter Bed also comes in with numbers. A variety of characters follow from the outside.

ASML is known to take full advantage of the ongoing shortage of chips. As a result, the services of ASML, which has large chip makers such as large Taiwanese chip maker TSMC as a client, is in great demand. Peter Weininge, chief executive of ASML, previously warned that the shortages will continue for a while.

Beter Bed has previously developed a new digital strategy and announced that it will open a distribution center for online orders. In the third quarter, turnover increased by about 5 percent.

Numbers of major global banks

Internationally, major banks Goldman Sachs and Morgan Stanley are coming up with numbers. Streaming service Netflix has also announced numbers for the fourth quarter of 2021. Meal delivery company Deliveroo and luxury brands Burberry and Richemont are also showing what an important holiday period for brands means for the numbers.

There are also figures on economic growth in China, the UK and the Eurozone. The International Energy Agency (IEA) publishes a monthly oil report.

The ECB’s latest policy meeting minutes will also be released on Thursday. The ECB’s tone towards potential interest rate hikes is more cautious than that of other central banks such as the US Federal Reserve. Ahead of the weekend, the Fed talked about raising interest rates more quickly to keep inflation in check.

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December inflation

Eurostat, the European statistics office, will publish inflation figures in December. Inflation figures also follow from Germany and the UK. Prices have risen recently due to the rapid recovery from the crisis and supply chain problems. For example, persistently high inflation in Germany, the eurozone’s largest economy, may prompt the European Central Bank to intervene faster, even though the ECB itself is still talking about a temporary peak.

Attention is also paid to the interest rate decision of the Central Bank of Turkey. Under pressure from President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, the central bank cut interest rates several times. Unlike the majority of economists, Erdogan believes that higher interest rates lead to higher prices.

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