F1 in brief | Safanaur after a disappointing season: We did our best

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Safanaur after a disappointing season: We did our best

Otmar Safnauer noted in the press conference that the start of the season was “disappointing”. After the rule change, the car became less powerful than in the previous season. “Then we did our best to get out of that hole again,” said the Aston Martin team principal. However, the team soon had to stop developing the current car, because the focus should have been on the car for next season.

Pirelli issues an explanation for an explosion in Qatar

Pirelli in file press release To find out the cause of flat tires in Qatar. According to the tire manufacturer, drivers have driven tires over rails for a very long time. Constant driving over rails caused tire pressure to drop and eventually tires to crash. According to Pirelli, the situation was unique.

Briatore: Mercedes engine will make the difference

Flavio Briatore expects Lewis Hamilton’s new rear-engined car to be the deciding factor in his title fight with Max Verstappen. So the former Renault boss believes the Briton will win his eighth world title. “I see Hamilton as the top candidate,” said the Italian. Adnkronos. “Mercedes is doing better at the moment and the engine will make the difference compared to Red Bull Racing on the track in Jeddah,” Briatore said.

The brand in the windtunnel van Aston Martin

A fire has broken out in a wind tunnel at an Aston Martin plant in the UK. The Aston Martin team took to Twitter to say there is nothing wrong and nothing to worry about. The fire was quickly put out and the team owned by Lawrence Stroll appreciates the fans’ concern.

= https://twitter.com/AstonMartinF1/status/1466148388693590025 “data-service=”twitter”>

Steiner on tough F1 season: ‘We did nothing wrong’

Haas boss Gunther Steiner has not regretted that his team said early in the season that it would stop developing the current car. Haas chose to focus on the 2022 car early on to outperform that season. Although it appeared that Haas would end the season without a win, Steiner did not make any other options. “I don’t think we did anything wrong. It’s been a tough season, but we knew this was coming. Hopefully we’ll have our way again next year,” Steiner says.

Red Bull and Mercedes can appear together at a press conference

The press conference schedule for next weekend’s race in Saudi Arabia has been announced. Thursday was overtaken by press and media commitments. This time around, the top teams, Mercedes and Red Bull, can appear in pairs at the press conference. Max Verstappen will join Valtteri Bottas, while Sergio Perez will join Lewis Hamilton. The title contenders will only meet on the track, but there is no doubt that questions will arise about the constructors’ championship given the format.

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Williams Junior Sargent competes in Formula 2 for the first time in Jeddah

Logan Sargent can make his Formula 2 debut for the HWA Racelab team in Jeddah. With that said, the American will still drive F2 this year, having originally been forced to stay in F3 due to financial problems. Sargent has been a junior driver with the Williams team since the weekend at the Austin Grand Prix, where he finished seventh in the FIA ​​F3 Championship earlier this year.

Isola presents Jeddah Street Circuit

Mario Isola, head of the Formula 1 division at Pirelli, is looking forward to the Saudi Arabian Grand Prix where the races will take place on the streets of Jeddah. “Perelli’s grandmother is probably the most we don’t know,” Isola said in a Pirelli press release. “The track has just been completed and we can only rely on the Formula 1 simulation, the teams and other information we have been able to gather.” According to Isola, this street circuit is very different from other street circuits on the calendar because of the fast corners and higher speeds. “There will be many different elements that will keep the tires working hard,” concludes Isola.

Verstappen was once again nominated for ‘Athlete of the Year’

Max Verstappen has a chance to be selected again for the title of “Athlete of the Year”. The Red Bull driver is back on the list this year. The Dutchman won the title in 2016, the year he won the Spanish Grand Prix after moving to Red Bull Racing. In the election, Verstappen will have to compete against Rico Verhoeven, Matthew van der Poel and Jeffrey Herlings.

Button expects Albon’s strength at Williams: ‘He has the speed’

Former Formula 1 driver Jenson Button expects Alexander Albon to have a good year at Williams in 2022. Last season, the Thai-British national team was still Max Verstappen’s teammate, but was unable to impress alongside the Dutchman. patton says in Sky Sports. “But I think he can do well with Williams with Latifi. He’s matured and always has the pace. I expect him to grow with the team,” Button said.

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Red Bull opened the Verstappen Show in Breda at the beginning of December

From December 4 to December 11, Red Bull Racing will be holding a comprehensive exhibition on Max Verstappen and his team titled Vleugels to the max. The exhibition, curated by Verstappen’s resident photographer Frits van Eldik, tells the story of Verstappen’s journey to Formula 1: from karting, to Red Bull’s junior programme, Toro Rosso and finally the great Red Bull team itself. In addition, attention is paid to the team itself, how the Helmut Marko program for youngsters works. The stories of Red Bull sponsors Sebastian Vettel and Daniel Ricciardo were also presented. A number of F1 cars can also be enjoyed at the show.

Tickets for the Grand Prix Zandvoort weekend 2022 are already sold out

Weekend tickets for the upcoming Grand Prix of Zandvoort have been sold out. This is partly due to the fact that the stands remained partly empty during this year’s race in the Netherlands. People who were not allowed to attend over the weekend at that year’s Grand Prix may be able to stage in the stands next season. The race will take place in Zandvoort on September 4.

= https://twitter.com/ErikvHaren/status/1464163228494319639 “data-service=”twitter”>

Viaplay announces a press conference on the broadcast of Formula 1 in the Netherlands

From 2022, Viaplay Formula 1 will be broadcast in the Netherlands, because parent company Nordic Entertainment Group (NENT, editor) has acquired the broadcast rights from Ziggo. In Viaplay there will be a new interpretation of the broadcast of Formula 1 on TV, for which Amber Brantsen has already been chosen as the presenter. On December 8, NENT will hold a press conference, where more information about Formula 1 broadcast content will be provided on the streaming service, which will also broadcast the German Darts and Bundesliga. Brantzen and sports chief Marco Zwanfeld will attend the press conference.

Schwartzman tests Haas in Abu Dhabi

Russian Robert Schwartzman will test Haas in Abu Dhabi at the end of the season. The 22-year-old is in Formula 2 this season and has two wins to his name. The young rider is looking forward to his partnership with Haas. “It’s great to drive for a Formula 1 team,” Schwartzman said. “I want to learn as much as I can.” The fact that the Russian will test Haas is not unexpected. Schwartzman is part of the Ferrari academy and Haas is a customer team at the Italian racing stable.

Kubica also booked a chauffeur in Alfa Romeo in 2022

Robert Kubica will also be Alfa Romeo’s reserve driver next season, according to reports Racing lovers. The Swiss national team extended his contract with the sponsor Orleen. Orlen’s investment will only continue if Kubica remains part of the team. The Poles had to fill in for Kimi Raikkonen twice this year, because the Finn contracted the coronavirus. Kubica rode the Grand Prix of the Netherlands and Italy, finishing the pole 14th in Zandvoort.

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Aston Martin appoints new chief of Mercedes-Benz aerodynamics

Aston Martin has appointed a new Mercedes-Benz aerodynamics chief, according to reports Race. Eric Blanden will move to Lawrence Stroll’s side at the end of next season. In 2017, Blanden was appointed head of Mercedes’ aerodynamics department. Dan Fallows will also move from Red Bull to Aston Martin in 2022, as there is still plenty to do. He will work there as Technical Director.

Prost on Alonso: “For me he is the best driver on the grid”

Alpine driver Fernando Alonso took a surprising third place at the Losail International Circuit during the Qatar Grand Prix last Sunday. The two-time world champion had to wait a long time for his place on the podium. His last podium win with Qatar dates back to 2014. Everyone at Alpine is happy to have Alonso there, and Alain Prost is very happy.

“For me he is the best driver on the grid,” says Prost Cars, cars and sports. It’s incredible what kind of outlook he has. He has a lot of feelings for the tires and the car. Proust was initially skeptical about the Spaniard’s arrival. The four-time world champion thought Alonso was more like a singer: “But he has changed as a person. Now he’s really working for the team. Alpine is currently fifth with 25 points, ahead of AlphaTauri.

Alonso’s podium or punctured tyres: ‘a matter of a few curves’

After 7 years, Fernando Alonso was finally allowed to enter the Formula 1 podium again. The Spaniard reached the finish line in Qatar with a one-stop strategy, and managed to keep Sergio Perez behind in the end. An impressive feat, not only because of the Mexican’s modern tires, but also because of the punctured tires of at least four drivers on the field.

Team principal Marcin Budkowski said whether or not Fernando Alonso’s old solid tires would hold was just a matter of a few corners. Motorsport.com. “On the last lap I saw all the mechanics jump over the fence, but I said ‘No, no, no, there are still a few corners to go.’ For the pole, it was all about those last nods in diameter.” It was a matter of a few corners what Whether we will achieve it or not.

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