FaceTime is coming to Android and Windows 10 years later, but…without an app

The annual Apple WWDC Developer Conference took place on Monday. A series of news was announced at the meeting: a new iOS, improved apps, and new features. But one of them applies to all users, whether they are fans of Apple or Android.

Apple announced on Monday that it will make FaceTime available for Android and Windows. The video calling app has been on Apple products since 2011, but it has remained an exclusive product. This was not possible with a friend who has an Android smartphone.

Given the rapid rise of video calling apps, Apple has no choice but to open its software for other operating systems. So soon it will be possible to make a FaceTime call on your Android phone or Windows computer. But Apple imposes restrictions: there will be no application.


With the new FaceTime, you’ll soon be able to pre-arrange meetings and link into the conversation. This link can be opened in the FaceTime app for those who have an iPhone, iPod, or iPad. On the other hand, Android or Windows users will have to open it in a browser.

However, starting a conversation from the browser will not be possible. Thus only users with an Apple device can enter the conversation. This can be useful, for example, if your whole family uses Apple and you are the only one with an Android device. It makes FaceTime less suitable for companies or a group of friends with different brands of smartphones.

improve quality

Additionally, FaceTime users will notice that the app’s call quality has improved. For example, it would be possible to use “spatial audio support, which makes the caller appear to be in the same room. There will also be a function to filter out ambient noise and only record speaker sound.

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As for the visual aspect, portrait mode will blur the background, keeping users in focus.


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