Famous Heir: Take it easy

hora, the heir It has started again! Season two kicked off tonight with a special story. Viewers liked:You can make a movie about this episode.

new season heir

Enter Robin Nikolai the heir In the search for the legitimate owners of legacies. In this first episode of the second season, Robin is immediately faced with a special mission … Despite the fact that the heirs are known, the inheritance was never collected. What’s wrong with that?

“Such an interesting program”

Robin investigates the family tree and comes across a story of a train bombing by the Allies, and also comes across a love story. Robin follows the paths that led him to the United Kingdom and finally to Australia. Viewers liked the research very much. Some even get a little jealous! They also desire such”crazy“You want to make a program. In short: it’s pretty cool the heir He’s back with a vengeance!

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the heir It can be seen every Wednesday at 20:30 on RTL 4.

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