Fashion retailer Boohoo is ditching British suppliers after being investigated in Leicester

Online fashion retailer Boohoo Group PLC announces details of its UK manufacturers and their new sustainability strategy. It is stated in the press release that it is a major milestone in the company’s program for change.

The company is no longer doing business with a number of manufacturers who were unable to provide the high level of transparency required. Although they were given the opportunity to address any concerns during the audit that were recorded, the press release reads.

The investigation is the result of reports of poor working conditions in the past year. The review was completed in September under the direction of Alison Levitt QC. According to Levit, there are several shortcomings in the factories. Some suppliers are from Leicester. In the end, there is no evidence that the company itself has committed any criminal offenses.

The results were achieved through extensive work led by the Boohoo Group’s Change Agenda Program. The company wants to identify and monitor manufacturers to implement changes in the way the company works with its suppliers. This ensures more sustainable business and industrial practices. Additionally, better partnerships may emerge, stated in the press release. During the investigation, the suppliers’ working methods were examined. The majority of suppliers in the UK have been vetted twice in the past eight months – including evenings and weekends, according to the press release.

Upcoming improvements

The published list shows that Boohoo only works with 78 certified manufacturers operating in 100 locations in the UK. The press release said the company admits this is significantly low compared to the nearly 500 plants mentioned in the Levit report.

Additionally, in response to Levitt’s evaluation, Boohoo wants to improve internal purchasing practices. The company’s purchasing and merchandise teams are actively involved in developing new technology and responsible procurement practices. These new business methods and technology solutions ensure that orders are only placed with approved suppliers, according to the press release. “Our teams also have a better view of the capacity of each supplier. They know exactly what is being produced in the UK and abroad, ensuring that no orders are placed as suppliers reach their capacity,” adds Boohoo.

Boohoo Group PLC has also announced a new sustainability strategy. The new strategy is designed to reduce the company’s carbon footprint, reduce waste, and use its size and volume for good.

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