Fewer and fewer countries want to organize games: ‘seen as a waste of money’

Corporate sponsorship has also changed. Koning: “The days when sponsorship meant transferring a lot of money and then advertising was a long time ago. There is a lot of advocacy for transparency and sustainability, for example.”

The next games, the Beijing Winter Games, begin in seven months. There, (Western) patrons do not wish to be associated with human rights abuses by China, such as the treatment of Uyghurs. Koning: “It’s tough on the sponsors, they’ll be careful with that.”

Sponsors are often dealt with in deals, such as Cristiano Ronaldo who pushed away Coca-Cola bottles during the European Championship. Rather, he said, drink water. Coca-Cola is one of the main sponsors of the International Olympic Committee.

Good deal for Los Angeles

All of these factors make the future of gaming not entirely rosy. But according to Jill Shoemaker, a mathematical economist at Hogeschool van Arnhem and Nijmegen, things are going in waves. “Before 2016, there were many candidates and the IOC could make many demands. That’s why Rio had to promise a lot. Then there will be a period with fewer candidates and countries can make demands.”

Los Angeles, for example, was able to secure various concessions from the International Olympic Committee for 2028, including a €135 million fund for youth sports in the city. Shoemaker: “This can make gaming good socially and financially.”

And it’s mainly democratic countries that find games expensive. Shoemaker: “Other countries want to participate in such sporting events on the world stage and promote their country, like China.”

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Currently, the Olympic calendar is complete for the Summer Games to 2032 and the Winter Games to 2026. Countries can register after that. let the games begin.

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