Film Advice Week 4 (2021): Comguide and Star Trek: Basements

With so many different streaming services, the view is overwhelming. In our weekly broadcast tips, we recommend new movies, albums, and more in addition to series. In our movie Tips from Week 4 (2021): Komtgoed and Star Trek: Lower Decks.

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Film Advice Week 4 (2021): Comguide and Star Trek: Basements

Immediately Chromecast In your TV or Chromecast Audio In the loudspeaker, you can view and listen to the media from your smart phone in better quality. This is helpful, but then you need to know what to watch and listen to. This is why we offer Android PlanetMovie tips. We provide some listening advice and current series here, for both free and paid services.

1. Mocro Maffia: Comes Good (Videoland)

After the success of the first two seasons of Mocro Maffia, around the Amsterdam underworld, a new series can now be watched. In Mocro Maffia: Komtgoed you follow 15-year-old Komtgoed, who ends up trapped in juveniles and then ends up with a foster family. This character will play a major role in the series’ third season, which you can see soon.

2. Star Trek Lower Decks (Prime Video)

The number of Star Trek series continues to grow. The latest addition is Lower Decks, a comic animated series about people working at the bottom of one of the great spaceships from the Star Trek universe. The series is directed by Mike McMahhan, who previously worked with Rick and Morty. So expect to laugh a lot and see a lot of mentions from various Star Trek series from yesteryear.

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3. VPRO Backlight: Technology as a debt

In this documentary, VPRO Tegenlicht views the idea of ​​technology as a religion. Specific data, the idea that everything revolves around data. We have to give up all our data to be happy.

4. The Suits Season Eight – Part 2 (Netflix)

Suit seasons are always split up on Netflix. As a result, you are twice with cliffhanger. Now you can finally watch the second season of the eighth season of this lawyer series. Enjoy it longer, because the next ninth season closes the series with only ten episodes.

5. Spycraft (Netflix)

We mainly know spies from sexy movies, but real-life spying is sexy as well. In this eight-part Netflix documentary series, you get a look at the different ways in which countries are spying and committing murders together.

For example, the first episode provides a look at all the small devices used for eavesdropping, and a subsequent episode looks at different types of venom. None of this is overrated, because it’s all about the facts and that’s nice sometimes.

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