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Is it more than one? MacGuffin, the cleverly introduced story element that so often initiates Hollywood storytelling? A photo taken in 2017 at an altitude of 8500 meters shows a body on a snowy mountainside. Did Mike, the older brother of Spencer Matthews, the youngest Briton to summit Everest in 1999, disappear hours later without a trace on the mountain?

Anyway, Spencer wants to go on a trip to the Himalayas so that she can finally bring her dead brother home. It would be a hell of a job. Finding Michael (100 min.) Therefore, an experienced and balanced search team of climbers and Sherpas is required. Mathews enlists the help of a well-known Nepalese mountaineer hero Nirmal Burjawho previously starred in his own documentary, 14 Peaks: Nothing is impossible.

Team Spencer from this documentary Tom Beard Going to the top of the Asian mountain, Mike’s last trip is also reconstructed. Somewhere along the way, the question is whether or not the two paths will cross Michael Matthews If so, it can be identified very easily. After all, it has been close to the summit that established its name for twenty years.

Beautifully captured by drone cameras, the quest feels somewhat contrived. Apart from the personal need, it is carried out because it guarantees an amazing visual story. It also stars the main character Spencer MatthewsA well-known television personality in the United Kingdom, she regularly finds herself in some sort of reporter or anchor role.

He can put into words very well what it’s like to lose a brother and what it means to finally be able to save his body, but somehow the emotions that are released feel a bit stingy at times. As if they were directed instead of recorded. As a result, Finding Michael doesn’t become the ‘tear-tear’ that the story of the two brothers could have been.

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