Five new corruption charges against ousted President Suu Kyi | abroad

Win Myint and Suu Kyi inflicted a heavy loss on the country, according to the junta, by renting the helicopter for 720 hours between 2019 and 2021, but using it for only 84.95 hours, local newspaper Global New Light reported.

Suu Kyi is already on trial on several other charges, including several corruption charges. She has been arrested by the new rulers since the coup of the first of February of last year. If 76-year-old Suu Kyi is found guilty on all the charges she faces, her sentence could rise to more than 100 years in prison. In January and December, she was already sentenced to six years in prison, including for illegally importing walkie-talkies.

The Nobel laureate was under house arrest for nearly twenty years during his earlier stint in the military command authority. Shortly before the coup last year, her party won the parliamentary elections by a large margin. The army leadership took power because they believed there was fraud in the elections. Then the army suffered a great defeat.

After the coup, large-scale protests erupted in Myanmar. They were brutally defeated. More than 1,400 civilians were killed.

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