Five surprising signs you’re not getting enough exercise

Cramps or an inability to go to the toilet properly are signs that you are not getting enough water and fiber, but a little exercise also plays a major role. For your bowels to function optimally—literally to get them moving—you have to get yourself moving regularly, physical therapist and lifestyle coach Dr. Folden tells The New York Times. eater. When you stop moving, so does your gut.

Make sure to take a walk around the block during your lunch break or set your alarm a few times during the day to get up and stretch well. You can even do some stretching exercises. Touching your toes ten times, for example: It’s done in a jiffy.

Oops, I dropped a pen on the floor. Not a disaster, just picking it up feels totally uncomfortable, almost annoying. This applies to your gut in fact as well as to your muscles. doctor. folds She describes our muscles as rubber bands: “The more you stretch and move them, the more elastic they become. When they stop moving, they stiffen or narrow.” Just by spending a few minutes three times a week doing (simple) stretching exercises will you feel more flexible.

Do you regularly hear crackling in your knees, shoulders or ankles? Then your synovial fluid may be working too slowly. This fluid helps your joints move smoothly and without pain (and noise). When you’re not active often, the lag starts. The result is a squeaky feeling, especially in the morning. You can solve this by walking more; You can be that simple.

A fairly logical sign: Shortness of breath after climbing stairs, or even after lifting some heavy shopping bags. Your lungs and heart may no longer be used to pumping and working at a higher-than-average rate, says Dr. Folden. The only solution: add a little cardio to your workout routine. You don’t have to run miles every day, but the simplest things, like riding a bike or walking a lot, really promote a lot.

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Compare a day with a walk and a day without a walk: how do you feel? Of course, there are many reasons why you may sometimes feel a little worse, but a little exercise can be one of them. When we exercise our bodies regularly, we produce more happiness hormones called endorphins.

So with the next creaking situation, uncomfortable posture, or difficult bowel, now you know: it’s time for a walk!

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