Flanders will support kickboxing and muay thai | interior

Flemish Sports Minister Ben Waits (N-VA) wants to support the martial arts of kickboxing and muay thai: from next year they will be added to the list of Flemish sports. This means, among other things, that the VKBM²O consortium can receive financial support, as a result of which the supply and quality of the operation are enhanced, Minister Waits announced.

“It is not just a symbolic recognition: it will also make a real difference in practice in order to increase the professionalization of the sport,” says the Minister of Sports.

In practice, kickboxing and muay thai are often served in the same gyms. Muaythai is a type of kickboxing in which high-risk fighters also use elbow and knee techniques. Muaythai kickboxing has been recognized internationally by the International Olympic Committee and has grown in popularity and membership in recent years. There are already 171 Muaythai kickboxing clubs with over 9,000 members in Flanders and Brussels. VKBM²O is the federation that offers these sports in Flanders and plays a leading role in the field of healthy and ethically responsible sports.

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