Football | Messi’s father strongly denies his move to Saudi Arabia – “disrespectful”

Messi was suspended for two weeks last week after traveling to Saudi Arabia without permission. On Tuesday morning, a rumor spread that the Argentine had reached an agreement with a club from that country. On Instagram, his father Jorge reacted as if he had been stung by a wasp.

“There is no agreement at all. We will not make a decision until after the season. People want to use Lionel’s name to become known, there is no agreement. It seems like a lack of respect, people are consciously and deliberately trying to deceive.” Without any evidence of what they are saying,” he attacked on social media.

Leaving is inevitable –

According to 65-year-old Jorge, his son is the victim of rumours. “These people want to instantly turn every malicious rumor into news and only think about themselves.” Despite his father’s words, Messi’s departure from the French capital seems almost inevitable.

Messi has an expiring contract with Paris Saint-Germain, and a contract extension seems more distant than ever after the events of last season. In addition to the Saudi clubs, his old club Barcelona will also be interested in the return of its former star.

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