Football star Neymar supports Bolsonaro in the Brazilian presidential elections

While dancing and via Tiktok, Brazilian soccer star Neymar made clear his support for current President Jair Bolsonaro. For example, a football player is engaged in a fierce battle for the Brazilian presidency.

With a song and a dance on Tiktok, Neymar is fighting in his country’s presidential election. The Paris Saint-Germain star invites current President Jair Bolsonaro to vote. In the song he dances to, Bolsonaro’s voices are sung.

Neymar shows two fingers twice. This refers to 22, Bolsonaro’s list number. He uses the number as a symbol in his campaign. Bolsonaro was happy with the back support and shared the video on his Twitter account.

Some football fans have long hated how Bolsonaro relates to national football. They say that the typical yellow jersey of the national team has been increasingly hijacked by the president. At pro-Bolsonaro rallies, he was often used as a uniform, the American CNN.

In the race for the presidency, far-right Bolsonaro will face centre-left ex-president Luis Ignacio Lula da Silva. Brazilians head to the polls on Sunday. Opinion polls put da Silva on top. Bolsonaro has already made it clear that he will not only accept his loss. He already has suspicions of electoral fraud.

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