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Have you heard about far from home? This is a new Polish studio made up of developers who have worked on games like Dead Island, The Medium, Dying Light, Chernobylite and Divinity: Original Sin. They’ve been working on their debut title for over two years now, which has long been known as Project Oxygen, but that was a codename. Far From Home has now officially announced that the game will be called Forever Skies, we’ll even get to see the first images in a short trailer.

in a forever sky As a scientist, you return to Earth, which has been utterly devastated by a climate catastrophe. Earth became uninhabitable and a small group of people survived the disaster and managed to escape into space. To make matters worse, these people have been infected with a mysterious virus and you as a player have to look for an antivirus. Brrr, looks like a realistic future!

Forever Skies doesn’t have a release date yet, but it should be released early for PC sometime this year, and will also be available on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X/S once the game is complete. The game will be a single player experience, but will also have collaboration later on. Check out the first trailer below!

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