Former US Secretary of State Colin Powell…

“We have lost an extraordinary and loving husband, father, grandfather, and a great American,” the family said. The announcement also indicates that Powell has been fully vaccinated.

Powell’s career in the Army began in Vietnam, culminating as a security advisor at the end of Ronald Reagan’s presidency. Under his successor, George H.W. Bush, Powell became the youngest and first black commander of the United States Armed Forces.

For some time in the mid-1990s, he was considered a strong contender to become the first black president. George W. Bush, who became president in 2001, chose him as Secretary of State. Now Bush calls the man “the great servant of the state.”

“Many presidents have relied on Powell’s judgment and experience,” Bush wrote. “He was well respected in the country and abroad.”

As Secretary of State under Bush, Powell’s reputation was seriously tarnished. He demanded the United Nations invade Iraq based on false information. After his resignation as Secretary of State, Powell called this passage a disgrace to his career.

The current US Secretary of Defense, Lloyd Austin, also praised him as a “great man.” Powell was the first black American to become the commander of the armed forces. Austin became the first black Secretary of Defense early this year. “I lost a great friend and mentor,” said Austin from Tbilisi, Georgia.

“A patriotism unparalleled in dignity and dignity”

Incumbent US President Joe Biden honored Powell on Monday, calling him a “trustworthy confidant in good times and bad.” He describes the president and his wife, Powell, as “a patriot of unparalleled honor and dignity.” Biden wrote: “He is still remembered as one of the greatest Americans.”

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The current president also says he is “forever grateful for supporting my candidacy for president and our collective struggle for the soul of our nation.” Powell, a Republican, backed Biden in last year’s US presidential election, not then Republican President Donald Trump.

House Democratic Leader Nancy Pelosi also expressed her respect for Powell.

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