Fought between Facebook and Apple due to the new IOS update

A new battle is raging between Facebook and Apple. An upcoming IOS update for Apple devices gives users the opportunity to protect their data. Internet expert Krijn Schuurman explains: “Facebook lives off the advertisers and advertisers use this data. So, of course, Facebook will suffer from that.” De Nieuws BV.

Apple is committed to providing better protection for users. So in the new version of IOS – iPhone OS – users should be given the option to block cookies. This means that every app maker, including Facebook and Instagram for example, Shurman explains, must ask the user for permission to use cookies.

If we answer “no” in large numbers, it will have consequences for Facebook. “Because Facebook lives on advertisers and advertisers use these cookies,” explains Schurman. “Facebook is clearly going to suffer from that itself,” but that’s not the only thing.

User Protection Vs. Disastrous for businesses

Where Apple wants to stand up for users, Facebook says this iOS update puts small, local businesses targeting their ads at a specific target audience in a difficult position. “Because they can no longer access that personal data,” explains Schurman. “So they have to get the ad out to everyone again, which is more expensive or less effective. So Facebook says it’s going to be difficult for small businesses to run their business.”

The question now is of course: How many iOS users will choose not to share their data anymore? Shurman: “I’ve tested it with people, and also with guys, and on the one hand it sounds nice, privacy. But they also say, when I get the same thing on TV, that is, I see ads for diapers while I don’t have children, so I prefer to see something It suits me. This of course is less and less than. “

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Apple’s interest

The fact that Apple comes with this update fits in trend according to the internet expert. “We’ve become more and more critical of the massive data sets, so you can say, they are responding really well to that.” Shurman comments on Apple’s motives and wonders, could there be another interest in them?

In principle, there are two business models on the Internet. One of them is the ads life, which uses Facebook, among other things. “If Apple is going to make it difficult, there is actually one other possible model, which is for you to make purchases on your phone, and this is called app access. And Apple always gets 30% of all those purchases. It would be more worthwhile for us to pay. More for content, rather than paying with ads. “

More control

In other words, updating the IOS ensures that Apple users have more control over what happens to their data. “Plus, the less you reveal yourself, the less relevant the ads will be,” says Shurman. “Some people will find this more annoying than others, but of course it is good for us to have more control.”

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