Fox News settles defamation case against voting machine manufacturers for more than 700 million euros | outside

US channel Fox News and computer manufacturer Dominion, which sued Fox for defamation, have reached a settlement. A judge announced this on Tuesday, shortly after the trial began.

“The parties have settled their dispute,” Judge Eric Davis said. He did not disclose details about the (financial) content of the agreement. But Fox News’ lawyer then said that the channel would pay $787.5 million (about 718 million euros) to Dominion.

The manufacturer of voting computers has sued Fox News for $1.6 billion in damages because the news channel published reports about alleged tampering with voting computers during the 2020 presidential election.

The Fox News administration invoked the freedom of the press and asserted that it reissued the statements of then-President Donald Trump and his lawyers as legitimate news. For its part, Dominion wanted to prove that Fox News deliberately spread falsehoods.

Fox News said it was “convinced” of a deal.

With this deal, the curtain fell on the process, which was expected to take six weeks.

The US voting machine maker has sued Fox News for $1.6 billion over allegations of fraud

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