French expert advice: Don’t talk about public transportation anymore

In France, a new lockdown is being considered, and in the meantime, local health experts have come up with a wonderful new measure: Avoid talking on buses and the metro. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Castex announced that one million people have already been vaccinated against the Coronavirus.

Silence on public transport. It is one of the official recommendations formulated by the prestigious National Academy of Medical Sciences in response to the most contagious variants of the emerging virus.

New advice says: “It is impossible to maintain sufficient distance on public transport.” That is why wearing a mouth mask should still be mandatory. Since this mask does not provide 100 percent certainty, an additional measure is considered: “In addition, a very simple metric should be added: Avoid talking or using the phone.

French Prime Minister Jean Castex announced on Twitter on Saturday that the one million vaccine mark had been crossed: “ To all our caregivers, to all of our elected officials, to all employees, regional health authorities and health institutions, to all those who challenge. In this exceptional vaccination campaign: Thank you.

France identified 3 million infections on Friday, after nearly 41 million coronavirus tests. In the country of 65 million people, there are now nearly 3,000 people in critical condition in hospitals and 2.7 million patients infected with the virus. In France, about 72,000 coronavirus deaths have already been traced back from China.

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