French fire brigade battles two major wildfires in the Gironde | Abroad

“After 11 days of fighting the fires, all residents who were evacuated as a precautionary measure have been allowed to return to their homes with the support of the National Police,” she said in a statement.

Another fire that broke out in Gironde, in the Landeras region, which burned 13,800 hectares of the nature reserve, has not yet been fully controlled. For example, there is still a risk that fires will break out again. In the region, nearly a third of the population is not yet able to return home.

36,000 residents had to evacuate due to the two fires that destroyed a staggering 20,800 hectares of forest. Despite the scale of the bushfires, no injuries were reported.

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Earlier today, a forest fire was also announced between Béziers and Carcassonne, also in southern France. At least 150 hectares were caught on fire. The fire broke out on Friday in the city of Aigne, where a heat wave warning is in effect. Despite the rapid deployment of 300 firefighters and four firefighting planes, the flames still spread.

By the end of the day, the fire service said the situation was “evolving positively.” No homes were threatened and firefighters managed to save Karam from the flames. One of the firefighters was slightly injured in the fall.

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