French Minister of Education prohibits comprehensive spelling | abroad

France bans the use of blanket spelling in education. French Minister of Education Jean-Michel Blancer believes that this gender-neutral form of spelling causes difficulties in learning the language. The new rule was published in the French Official Gazette on Thursday.

Comprehensive spelling is a gender-neutral method of writing, as it consistently refers to both the masculine and feminine form. Both shapes are separated from each other by points. This conflicts with the French orthography rule, where the masculine form takes precedence over the feminine in the plural. This leads to writing styles like “les député.es” or “les électeur.rice.s”.

According to Blanker, mass spelling is complicated and unstable. Putting dots in the middle of a word can make learning French more difficult and cause confusion. The minister clarifies that forms of female office must still be applied if these positions are occupied by women.

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