French philosopher Bruno Latour, 75, dies

French philosopher and sociologist Bruno Latour died in Paris from Saturday night to Sunday at the age of 75. He is considered one of the greatest contemporary French thinkers.

Latour said three years ago that scientists should be active Standard. Why do we crave borders, fences, and walls? Why do we fall in love with populist prophets? If we do not solve the issue of climate change, we will never understand, said Latour, France’s most influential living philosopher at the time.

He died last night in Paris, according to his publisher Les Editions La Découverte. Bruno Latour came from a wine-producing family from Burgundy and lived to be 75 years old.

Climate change

Latour focused on the most diverse topics, such as the development of scientific knowledge. Together with a few other scholars, he laid the foundation for the actor network theory. In his later work he paid much attention to climate change.

His work has won awards such as the Holberg Prize (2013) and the Kyoto Prize (2021). Many of his works have been translated into Dutch. Also published last year where am I? Insurance lessons for Earthlings It has already been translated.

Last year, KU Leuven University awarded A honorary doctorate abroad for the French.

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