French President Macron suddenly takes off his luxury watch during an interview, and this is what gets him a lot of criticism

French President Emmanuel Macron skillfully removed his luxury watch from under the table during a television interview on Wednesday. Because of that, he is now saddled with criticism. The Elysee says there is a simple explanation for this.

On Wednesday afternoon, the French President was a guest in the television studios to talk about the ongoing protests against reforming the pension system in his country. But a particular clip was shared on social media because the president did something without wanting to be noticed. Once during an interview, he put his hands under the table and took off his watch.

The moment he talks about ‘smicards’ (People earning the minimum wage, ed.) Who had never had such an amount of purchasing power before, he removed his fine, fine watch from under the table. This guy is a joke, Clemence Gate of the radical left party La France Insoumise wrote on Twitter.

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The clip was quickly shared on social media. It seems that Macron wanted to hide his luxury watch. Over time it was also added that it would be an 80,000 euro watch.

But the Elysée sticks to a simple statement. She said in a statement to the French channel that the clock clicked on the table and made an amazing noise bfmtv. This channel also checked the hourly cost. And guess what? No, it’s not an $80,000 watch. It is a Bell and Ross V1-92 Blue Steel model that was sold by the manufacturer for €2,400. However, the dial is unique, as it is personalized with the President’s logo.

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And the Elysee added, “He also wore it on other public occasions, such as the 2022 World Cup final in Qatar, or during his state visit to Washington last December.” L’Independant. (sgg)

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