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Spread over 39 acres and dating back to the 1820s, the garden is the largest private garden in London and features native plants not seen anywhere else in the city. In total, there are more than a thousand trees, a rose garden, five beehives, three hundred and twenty different wildflowers and herbs, the national collection of mulberry trees.

The gardens not only contain a rich and varied collection of plants, but they also breathe history. For example, Queen Charlotte, wife of George III, kept a range of trained wild animals, including zebras. And in 1841, Prince Albert almost drowned in the lake while skiing, but his wife Queen Victoria saved him in time.

Stroll like royalty in the garden of Buckingham Palace? An activity for your bucket list, if you ask us. And those who want a souvenir of the special experience will not return home disappointed. You can buy a range of picnic items on site, including a light blue picnic blanket for £35 (about €40.70), cotton napkins with gold fork and embroidered spoon for £8.95 (about €10.40), reusable water bottles and a sandwich A bag inspired by royal festivities and summer flowers for £7.95 (€9.20 approx).

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